Give Me Liberty and Give Me Colette!

When I started working at Modern Domestic I made a promise to myself to start sewing more of my own clothing. The first week I was there I made a scarf, but I really wanted to make some apparel. I had my eye on the Colette Jasmine Blouse which I thought would look great in the Liberty’s Tana Lawn Wiltshire in green.

liberty shop In a perfect world I would have traced the pattern out on Swedish tracing paper and made a mock-up of the design out of muslin so I could make changes before I cut into the fabric. Well, I’ll be totally honest – I skipped that part. Yeah, I know, that’s kinda crazy… but I took the risk because I just didn’t have the time. If there were a theme song for this project it would have to be ‘The first cut is the deepest’  (the Sheryl Crow version, not the Rod Stewart one…) Cutting into a gorgeous Liberty fabric is not for the faint of heart! colette jasmine I asked Lupine if she had any tips, since she had made this shirt too.  She suggested I use a bias binding to finish the collar in place of the facings. I loved the idea! She also mentioned that the next time she made it she was going to make a tank version. I think that I will to borrow that idea too! I was very pleased with the fit of the shirt and the fabric was perfect. I can’t wait to make another!

colette top

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  1. autumn

    that is sooooo pretty!!! and i’m in desperate need of FOUR of the liberty prints y’all have in stock!!

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