Girl Quilt, Quilted and Bound

Last Monday I introduced you to my latest quilting project. It is now nearly done! All quilted and mostly bound. I, unlike my dear Michelle, love to hand bind. So that process does take a bit longer, but is going along quite nicely and will be easily done in time for the birthday at the end of the month.

Girl Quilt, all quilted and ready for Bina

I loaded this on the frame last Thursday morning, and was finished quilting it about 4 hours later. I even took breaks and had a meeting along the way. It is a twin sized quilt, and in order to have some novice success, I chose this simple little figure 8 quilting pattern. I am pretty in love with it, and so is the amazing Denyse Schmidt, who uses it on most of her quilts. It looks pretty great even when done kinda wonky and not super perfect, which made it a good choice for my first project.

Pretty figure 8's on gray.
Pretty back.

Having not put too much time into this top, but loving it none the less, it made a great first frame project. And I loved the quilting process so much that I have nearly finished the next top that I will get on the frame in the next week or two!

3 Responses to “Girl Quilt, Quilted and Bound”

  1. susan b.

    Gorgeous, Lupine! Love it!

  2. teresa

    It’s beautiful! I love the figure-8 quilting and you did a marvelous job with all of it.

    I’m with you… I prefer hand-binding my quilts, too!

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