Get to know Heather Davidson

We have a new quilting teacher here at MD and I’m thrilled to introduce Heather Davidson!

You may have seen her crafty knowledge at work as an employee at Collage or you may be keeping track of her Flea Marketing and sewing at her blog, Joy of All Crafts. This very talented lady has a new beginning quilting class on the calender, Baby Block Quilt. This simple log cabin style will acquaint sewists with piecing and follow through the entire process of quilting and binding.

A few questions to get to know her–

Tell us a bit about your quilting background? 
When I was only twelve years old, I took a quilt class. To be honest, I hated it! The way I was taught was to hand-quilt everything and every stitch had to be super teeny! Needless to say, I didn’t continue with it! Even though quilting got off to a bad start, I loved and still love the quilt I made. Only four years ago did I meander back to quilting. The new, beautiful, modern fabric drew me in; I couldn’t wait to make a quilt with it. I quickly dove back in and, through the help of many quilt bloggers, began to love to quilt. I loved the free-form, improv-style of quilting. The thought of not having to make everything so “perfect” won me over.  Since then, I love the thrill of combining fabrics and shapes to create amazing quilts! I was quickly hooked! My favorite type of quilts to make are baby quilts. I love being able to give such a meaningful, special gift to my family and friends!
I hear you’re involved in PMQG. Have you been a member long? What’s your favorite part of being in the guild?
Another way that I dove into quilting was through the amazing creative community. I moved to Portland exactly one year ago. I knew about the Portland Modern Quilt Guild because I had been a member of the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild. Finding out when PMQG met was the first thing I did! I’ve met all of my closest friends at the guild. The guild provides such a great outlet for learning new skills and sharing your work. My favorite part of the guild is show and tell. Every month, it’s inspiring to see what everyone has created that month. New, young, old, experienced quilters alike have amazing works of art to share. This year, I’m honored to be the Vice President of PMQG. It’s been a great way to give back to this community and make many new friends along the way. Come join us sometime!
 I’d love to hear more about your business Remnant.
Remnant is the collaboration between my husband Chris and I. We sell vintage, handmade, and claimed furniture and home essentials. Every month, we sell at the Portland Flea ( and online (, and we are currently working on establishing our own store.  We both love mid-century pieces and treasure hunting. Over the past two years, this has grown into a business for us. He scouts garage sales, flea markets, and estate sales for the latest treasures. Often he brings home pieces that need help; I come in and help refinish and re-upholster to bring these pieces back to life. Chris also has been experimenting with making furniture out of reclaimed wood. I love working with him together on these projects–it’s the perfect combination of our skills!

Stay on the lookout for more quilting classes offered by Heather and be sure to welcome her to MD!


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