Foot of the Month – Zigzag Hemmer #63

I was so inspired by all of the talented sewists who showed up for the March session of Modern Domestic Sewing Society this past Saturday!  Everyone made beautiful cowls with perfect double-turned hems!

BERNINA makes 7 different hemmer feet–#61, #62, #63, #64, #66, #68, & #69. Each foot is for a specific finished desired hem and for straight or zig-zag/decorative stitching. The size of the channel on the sole ranges from 2mm to 6mm.

Zigzag hemmer foot # 63 (3mm) is ideal for sewing double-turned hems on fine fabrics.  This foot requires a bit of practice for some of us (namely, myself), but taking the time to master the technique is so worth it!  I’m in love with the narrow, professional-looking finished edge!
















The hemmer foot is great for lightweight fabrics, such as gorgeous Liberty prints like the one shown above, because the raw edge is completely enclosed. This limits opportunities for fraying.  The hemmer foot also creates a strong, durable hem, which helps hems on lightweight fabrics hang straight.


Not only does hemmer foot #63 master narrow hems on straight edges, but it is specially designed for stitching curved hems, such as shirt tails & necklines!  There is a 3mm channel on the sole of the foot that holds the fabric in place until it reaches the needle.  Unlike BERNINA’s other hemmer feet, where the channel extends to the back of the foot, the channel under #63 gradually diminishes to nothing, which allows circular and curved hems to be stitched with ease!!

I was a bit skeptical when I learned that curved hems could be stitched with ease as I struggled quite a bit before mastering a straight edge, so I decided to test it out!  Honest to goodness, my experience went much smoother with a curved hem!!

Before you begin your double-turned hem, staystitch the curve using the edge of the hemmer foot.  To staystitch, I decreased my stitch length to 1.5 to create a stronger hold and to prevent my curve from distorting.  Then, using your thread-tails, pull the edge of the fabric into the scroll and begin stitching!IMG_0427

The foot does most of the work for you, if not all – just stitch slowly and watch your edge turn neatly into the scroll at the front of the foot!  #63 creates such a perfect, double-turned hem on the curve, you will swoon when you try it!


During the best month of the year, MARCH!!, the zigzag hemmer foot #63 is 25% off!  Come on in and try foot #63, fall in love with the results, and take one home with you!


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  1. Rob Chambers

    Can I buy online from you a Bernina Hemmer Foot #63 and #62? If yes, how much would it cost.

    Thank you.

  2. michellehealy

    WE are not allowed to sell accessories online, but you could call the store @ 503-808-9910 and we would be happy to ship to you.


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