Foot of the Month–Open Embroidery Foot with Sliding Sole #56

The BERNINA Open Embroidery Foot with Sliding Sole #56 is the July 2014 Foot of the Month. You’ll receive 25% off this foot at Modern Domestic for the entire month of July! This is the perfect foot to inspire your creativity and create some fun projects out of leather, vinyl, plastics, or laminated cotton.The entire sole portion of foot #56 is coated in white or green non-stick coating, which prevents your presser foot from sticking to your project and easily glides over the surface, resulting in well-formed stitches and problem-free sewing.  The wider foot opening in front of the needle makes it much easier to see your decorative stitches as they form.


The wedge shaped indention on the bottom of the sole allows any decorative stitching to move through seamlessly and prevents stitches from getting caught up on the presser foot.


The Open Embroidery Foot with Sliding Sole #56 is also fabulous for edge stitching on all of those difficult sticky surfaces. You can line the inside edge of the toe up with the edge of your project and move your needle to your desired position. I used a triple stitch in the below photo, which is great for top stitching. Imagine adding a sophisticated leather bottom to Noodlehead’s Open Wide Pouch with spectacular results!


Try combining this technique with one of our favorite tools here at Modern Domestic–Wash-Away Wonder Tape!  Wonder Tape is a double-sided sticky tape that won’t gum up your needle and washes away. It’s quick and perfect for anything you don’t want to puncture with a straight pin, such as leather, laminated cotton, oil cloth, vinyl, or other such materials. We also use it for installing zippers, applying tricky collars on knits, hems, and more!


Swing by Modern Domestic and try it out!


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