Foot of the Month: Jeans Foot #8/8D

Happy April! With a new month comes a new Foot of the Month–#8 Jeans Foot!  The #8 Jeans Foot is a straight stitch foot, which better supports the needle.  It’s made for easier sewing with denim or other thick fabrics such as canvas or multi-layered fabrics, without skipping stitches or breaking the needle. Use a 100 or 110 denim needle, which is designed to sew through thick fabrics. The denim needle has a long sharp tip that makes a larger hole in the fabric, allowing a heavier, thicker thread to pass through without breakage or fraying. The sole is designed with notches 1/8″ away from the needle; this allows for accurate topstitching while hemming.

Don’t forget you receive 25% off of the Jeans Foot during the month of April!


Sign up for Erica’s Sewing Society on Saturday, April 5th 10am-12pm. This month’s project is a cute denim wrap skirt and you’ll get a chance to learn more about the #8 Jeans foot!




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