Foot of the Month – Invisible Zipper #35

Invisible zippers are traditionally used as an unobtrusive closure for garments, but they are also useful in home dec projects (such as our favorite invisible zipper pillow) and various bags & accessories!  The Invisible Zipper Foot #35 is a life-changer!  It opens the coils as you sew to expose the “well” at the base of the zipper coils, making sure you’re stitching in the perfect place every time!

#35 has two parallel channels in its sole which accommodate the coils of the zipper.

photo 1

These grooves are engineered to open the coils as the zipper tape passes under the foot.

photo 2

Invisible zippers are easily inserted with a straight stitch – the grooves in the sole are positioned precisely so that no adjustment of needle position is necessary!


Ta-da!  Your finished product is a zipper that has completely disappeared into the seam line, the only sign of your zipper is the pretty zipper-pull!

photo copy

During the month of May, the invisible zipper foot #35 is 25% off!  Come on into Modern Domestic and try #35!  We promise you will fall in love with the results, and take #35 home with you!

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  1. Carol

    How funny! I just picked up an invisible zipper foot for my machine this week and it works like a charm. With the aid of Colette’s video tutorial, I nailed it on the first try. Getting a proper metal foot for your machine is a worthwhile investment, it makes sewing those zippers so much more enjoyable.

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