February Foot of the Month – #31 Pintuck

February’s foot of the month is the #31 5–Groove Pintuck – get ready to pintuck your heart out!

Pintucks are an heirloom embellishment technique typically seen in women’s and children’s garments and home dec linens like napkins and tablecloths. A tuck is a fold in fabric that is sewn into place; pintucks are narrow tucks usually sewn in multiple rows. Pintucks can be created using a combination of two machine accessories, the twin needle and a grooved pintucking presser foot. For the #31 5–Groove Pintuck foot, you should use a 3mm universal twin needle. The grooves on the bottom of the presser foot help to align the multiple rows ensuring evenly spaced tucks.

#31 foot and double needle

#31 pintuck foot at Modern Domestic

Because you are sewing with a twin needle, you’ll need an additional spool of thread. My trick is to simply wind thread onto two bobbins – one will be the second thread on top along with your spool of thread. Slip one bobbin onto the vertical spool pin and hook through the thread guide before threading as usual. The other will be in your bobbin case!

pintuck clutch at Modern Domestic

I created this clutch purse using the #31 5-Groove Pintuck foot and the Pintuck Attachment. We have this frame style available at the store or you could join us for our upcoming session of Modern Clutch and learn how to make this versatile bag that can be embellished any number of ways.

pintuck attachment and foot

The Pintuck Attachment provides a channel to feed cording that will be sewn automatically into the pintuck. A corded pintuck has a beautiful raised, full effect on the pintuck providing a more substantial look. It’s easy to install and easy to use!

Take a look at this video from BERNINA using the #31 5–Groove Pintuck foot. For the entire month of February, the #31 5–Groove Pintuck foot is 25% off! Stop in and be inspired!

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