Favorite Things: Erasable Markers

This post is from our lovely Amy Alan. She shares tips and tools and other great sewing knowledge in the store many days a week and even teaches classes. We love her for her funny laugh and fine penmanship, you will love her for her warm smile and impressive sewing skills.

I found a few new tools when I started working at Modern Domestic. I think my favorite so far has to be the erasable markers that we have. They are easy to mark with, and it’s a cinch to get rid of the marks you make with them. I’ve used them on dresses to mark my darts, as an outline when doing embroidery, and to mark points where I need to stop sewing on tie tips. I’m sure I’ll find many, many more uses for them, because they make marking so easy!

It’s important to think about what you’ll be using one of these markers for before you choose either blue or pink, because they are different. The pink marker will disappear over time as air gets to the ink. If you mark very lightly, it can disappear in a few hours, but if you apply it heavily, it will stay for a few days. The blue marker will disappear with water, so you can either mist your project with a spray bottle, or wash it to get the marker out. Both of the colors have a white “eraser” end. It is used to remove any marks you have made incase you need to move them, don’t have time to wash your project, or simply want to play with it!

To try out the markers, first use a scrap of whatever fabric you’re working on as a sample to make sure the marker dye will come out. Make a few marks (or write the name of your favorite sewing shop), and then watch it magically disappear by using the eraser end, water, or air.

Don’t blame me when you get addicted to writing and erasing things. You’ve been warned.


We include one pen in each of our toolkits (and we sell these bad boys) so feel free to try them out in your next class or during open sewing!

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