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This post is from Amy Alan. Her love of all things sewing can be seen here, at her blog, as well as at Modern Domestic, where she is often available to help at the shop, teaches classes, and offers one-on-one private sewing. Amy is a joy to work with and learn from, her depth of sewing knowledge is extensive and her approach technical as well as fun.

Modern Domestic has a host of tools that make sewing a breeze. I was always one of “those people” who struggled with safety pins to turn tubes of fabric right side out to make straps and other details. But then Lupine introduced me to the Fast Turn set, and I was in LOVE. I wish I’d had one of the these the last time I was making tiny spaghetti straps for a wedding dress. There would have been a lot less stress and cursing involved!

I started out this project by using one of new Janome JNH1860’s. I’ve always been a huge Bernina fan, but I really like the 1860’s! The start/stop button is definitely fun to use, and the fancy display lets you easily see what your seam width and length is.

Before you can use a Fast Turn, you obviously will need a tube of fabric that you intend to turn right side out. When you are sewing one, for a strap or whatnot, use a small seam allowance. If you’re making a tiny tube, use a seam allowance of 1/4″ or less.

Then, breakout the Fast Turn, because this going to be SO. MUCH. FUN. I like watching people use the it for the first time- everyone gets this look on their face like it’s Christmas, and someone just handed them a puppy.

Run the fabric tube (that is wrong side out at this point) over a brass tube that is slightly smaller in size. Place one of the long corkscrew-ended wires thru the tube, and twist it thru the end of the fabric. The thickness of the wire you choose should correspond with the thickness of the fabric you are turning.

Keep pulling your fabric all the way thru to turn your strap right side out quickly and easily.

The next time you’re in MD, try out a Fast Turn set, even if you don’t need straps for a project! I’m sure you’ll quickly come up with an excuse to use it again and again.

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