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Many of you may be familiar with Diana Rupp’s first book, Sew Everything Workshop. Erica teaches several classes from this go-to beginner’s book including Perfect Pencil Skirt and Learn to Sew: Foxy Boxers. In addition to full sized patterns included, the instruction in the first half is great as a reference and for skill building.

The same can absolutely be said for her new publication, Embroider Everything Workshop. Covering everything from hand embroidery, cross stitch, smocking, and needlepoint, the techniques in the first chapters will lead you to be successful in completing some of the seriously awesome projects like the Old-Meets-New Gadget Cozies.

Or the Old Country Tea Towel. Love.

For all of our drafty Pacific Northwest homes, the Horsey Draft Dodger.

What some of you may not know is that Diana founded, operates, and teaches at a studio called Make Workshop. Located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, this studio opened in 2002 and has been educating and inspiring NY crafters and sewists in jewelry making, needlework, knitting & crochet, sewing, and more. Be sure to read my post Friday on the Bolt blog as I get to know Diana a little better. And join MD next Tuesday evening, December 13th from 6:30-7:30 pm for a chance to meet Diana. Check out her work, pick up a copy of her new (or older!) book to get signed, and hang with fellow Portland stitchers!

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    LOVE this…great fabric, great finish. I love everything about this.

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