Envelope Pillows Go NW Modern

Oh the envelope pillow. What a simple, rewarding, easy, and fun little project. With a recent move to SW Portland, I have added a new house, sofa, and style to my life. The easiest, most instant way to accessorize is by far the pillow. It needs just a wee bit of fabric, in this cases I used a set of napkins and pair of tea towels for the fronts because I loved the motif and colors and there was just the right amount for a 20″ pillow.

I could take the time to put in a zipper, it really isn’t much, but sometimes when pillow making calls and I don’t have a zipper lying about, the envelope closure does the job. I made both of these sets at the shop, as my sewing room is still in boxes (I need to paint before I unpack all that awesome stuff). I can make ’em super duper fast, and even faster on the 830LE because of features like 1200 stitches/minute and the presser foot hover (swoon).

Image from Wolfum, I started with napkins.

When you move, it takes time to decide on colors, looks, fabrics, and all that stuff for new space. Pillows are a great way to try out some looks for a low level of investment in both money and time. I am currently going for a NW modern lodge feel, and the arrow fabric from Zanna Printed Textiles and the awesome 80’s Garth Brooks fabric is a set of cloth napkins from Wolfum. My new house was built in 1969 and has tangerine orange formica countertops in the kitchen and a sea of wood paneling. It is oh so different from the darling bungalow that was the old house, and it is wildly fun to rock a new home decor style.

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