Enhance Your Applique with Accessories

Another month, another foot special! This month is a double-bonus with a discount on both #23 Clear Applique Foot and the Magnifying Glass Set!

With a 2mm needle opening, the #23 Clear Applique Foot allows for very precise applique stitching and is great around curves. The clear base gives you an unobstructed view of the stitching area and allows you to create mini piping, satin stitching, and even corded edges. Pick up the foot and sign up for Anna’s summer Applique sessions where you’ll learn the design and craft of simple machine applique.

*Not actual size


Get a close up look of your work with the Magnifying Glass Set. Three different lenses with varying degrees of magnification help facilitate needle threading, precision work (like applique!), and accurate decorative and functional stitching.


The other accessories you see are the different supports for the holding the glass to the machine and vary depending on model.

We can easily attach the glass to the side of the machine, here on the 430


Never miss a stitch!

Both (either together or separately) are 25% off all month long! What a great opportunity to snag these speciality items. And now enjoy a happy and safe 4th of July!


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