First off, you know Portland is unique. There are so many great restaurants, shops, galleries,  & art spots all over town. Each neighborhood is chock full. Why not venture out from your usual haunts and try something new. And what could be a better guide to the uniqueness of Portland local businesses than As a super added bonus, MD is featured in the latest, 6th, edition.

Plus, they are others–if you’re heading out of town, check out Austin, Seattle, or Los Angeles.  Even more (like New York & London) are available at their website.

Lastly, I’d love to add my own must-see place. I’ve only been here 6 months but am already enamored with The 24 hour Church of Elvis. You can get married or just get your fortune told by this coin-operated work of art.

3 Responses to “ Portland”

  1. Elizabeth

    I didn’t realize the Church of Elvis was open again! I got married twice at its original location (10+ years ago now).

  2. Alina Riddle

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