Does your tape measure up?

We all have an old tape measure. Maybe it’s fabric, maybe it’s leather, or plastic or even paper, and it’s probably falling apart. But the fact is we hang onto it and use it because it either belonged to Grandma, Mom, or it’s simply the first one you ever bought. Unlike wooden or plastic rulers though, these tape measures get old and need to be replaced.

Have you ever seen someone pull on a plastic tape measure to get out the folds and kinks? Well, that stretches it out, bit by bit. The older a tape measure is, the more likely it is to be easily distorted (if it isn’t already stretched out) when used, therefore giving you an inaccurate measurement. No one wants a dress with a 34 inch bust when it’s really supposed to be a 36 now do they? Breathing is generally thought of as a good thing. Plus, we’ve got big, happy, bright yellow ones looking for new homes everyday at MD.

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