Discover the Double Cord Foot

Home Dec sewists, interested in a foot that helps easily execute a covered double welt cord? Or a quick way to attach double welt cord to say… a pillow? Interested in couching two decorative cordings? It’s no problem to make single cord piping with this foot either. It’s just that versatile.  Take a look at #60, the Double Cord Foot.  There are not one, BUT TWO grooves on the bottom of the sole, to accommodate more than row of cording. There’s a technique for covering them that I’ll show you.

We’ll start with cutting bias strips approx 4″ wide and gathering a couple of yards of 1/4″ wide cording. Sarai has provide a great tutorial on cutting bias strips including a trick on cutting continuous loop bias. I also love to just bust out a big cutting mat and use the marks on an acrylic ruler to determine a 45 degree angle, then cut even strips with my rotary cutter.

Once you’ve cut enough bias strips to cover the cording yardage needed for your project, fold the fabric around the two rows of cording and allow the cording to live snuggly in the grooves of the presser foot.  Keep your needle in the center position and set it to end down. This will help because you will need to fold and adjust the fabric around the cording as you feed it.

Once you’ve sewn it down once, you’ll notice that one cord is fully encased in fabric.

While the other cord can still be seen when you lift up the fabric.

Fold the cording once onto the remainder of the bias strip, place it under the double cord foot, and stitch again.

You will now have fully encased the cording. I used applique scissors to trim away the excess on the bottom. The duckbill shape of the lower blade prevents you from cutting through the cording you’ve just covered.

In addition to its typical use of finishing edges and covering staples of upholstery projects, you could

  • make multiple strands and braid them together for a fun belt or accessory
  • use it for a handle of a bag
  • add trim to a pillow
  • add flare to gift wrap
  • leave the lip and insert it in the seam to embellish the edge of a cushion

This foot is ON SALE through the end of February here at MD.  Pick one up for 25% off!

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