Day of Craft Shop Hop

Friday June 18th, ALL DAY LONG (10am-9pm)!

In honor of Etsy’s birthday “Day of Craft” event we will be having sewing machine maintenance demos all day long at MD! This will be in conjunction with a special discount of 15% on all sewing machine maintenance supplies, including needles. We have these really useful (and cute, if I do say so myself) tool kits, and everything inside them is also available individually  as well.


Come by Friday and join in the hop; we can show you where/how to oil and clean your machine and wax poetic about the importance of changing needles and not sewing over pins.

Here is a little excerpt about this great event that we are participating in with some neighbors that we love:

Grab a passport and shop-hop surrounding neighborhoods, enjoy specials, discounts, live crafts and refreshments! Local crafters in a vendor gallery, vintage and specialty shopping abound during the PDX Progressive Day of Crafty in honor of Etsy’s anniversary. Drop in at any of the stores, at anytime during the celebration and collect stamps for your passport destinations along the way! The PDX Progressive Party runs until 9:00 pm. For more information visit

Come and join in the fun! You can get a passport to collect stamps from the places you visit and see lots of shops and places that make Portland such a stand-out in the DIY movement.

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    I am very excited about your business. Very nice!

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