Daniela’s Wish List

by Daniela Caine!


1. Seam gauge

I didn’t even know that a nifty little thing like this existed! Let’s face it, hems are always the last step of a sewing project and by then I just want to get it done and wear my new creation. Usually I wing it and even though I can gauge widths pretty correctly, this gadget will really help me keep on track.

2. Tailor’s Chalk

To me there is hardly anything more gratifying then to open up a fresh packet of Tailor’s Chalk and mark my fabrics with accurate and fine lines. It feels so professional and – to me – always beats the magic marking pencils. Don’t get me wrong, the marking pencils do have a place in my tool kit but it always feels more like I am using my daughters markers than a professional marking tool.

3. MD Tool Kit

I don’t really have a neat box, like the toolkit boxes you check out at MD, in which to store the most frequently needed sewing tools. They are splattered around my sewing room and I am always searching for something. So I wish for a box in which I can transport my most important tools neatly and safely.

4. Thread Racks

Actually these might count for 2 as I would need one for Serger thread cones and another one for regular thread. There is something so gratifying to see all the available colors at a glance mounted to a wall and have them accessible yet neatly stored at the same time.

5. Extra Bobbins and a Bobbin Saver

Because it’s lovely to always have an empty bobbin at hand instead of winding the thread on top of an old thread color (bad habits die hard) or take the thread remnants down from the old one. Which of course would be best gifted in a colorful bobbin saver!

6. Magnetic Pin Cushion (in pink, please!)

I have actually seen needles jump back into their pretty ‘nests’. And since I have a daughter I did develop an odd affinity for pink things. So cheery.

7. Tailor’s Ham & Sleeve Board

These would help pressing those curved seams and getting into those sleeves especially the miniature ones when sewing for children.

8. Oliso Iron

Since starting dye experiments, my old iron has gone into the habit of literally spitting out brownish stuff at lower temperatures. Thankfully the stains go out in the wash but a new iron would be a splurge worthwhile.

9. French Curve

Why, oh why did I let my daughter pretend to play vacuum cleaner with my old one? So now it ‘s broken and I am in dire need of a new one. I love these things not just for pattern drafting but also for pattern tracing. It takes a bit of getting used to but once working with the French curve your traced patterns end up looking neat and professional.

10. Cutting Table

O.k., now I am really day dreaming but here I have to ditto Anna. And when I am at it, please give me as much space around it as available at Modern Domestic!

Daniela Caine–Well, I could go on and on and on. Sewing actually made me greedy, there are too many gadgets to covet and admire. And the best thing about them is that they really do help make things better, faster or more professional looking. I sew for fun, teach for fun and even better – go to as many classes as I can at Modern Domestic. So Fun!

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