Cozy Woven Flannel Scarf Tutorial

‘Tis the season for cozy scarves! We’ve created a super simple, wearable and cozy scarf with our favorite fall flannels. These are sure to be a staple accessory to dress up a fall outfit, and bundle inside your coats.

Follow these three simple steps to create your scarf.

What You’ll need:

  • Recommended presser feet: BERNINA #66 Hemmer Foot 6mm, and BERNINA #57 Patchwork Foot With Guide.

Step 1:

Cut your flannel along the woven plaid lines to the desired width and length for your scarf. We cut ours to 13.5″ (3/8 yard) by 44″ (width of fabric).

Modern Domestic Woven Flannel Scarf Tutorial

Step 2:

Switching out for the correct presser feet will make sewing your projects much faster and more professional. Using a #66 hemmer foot, roll the two lengths to finish the seams. Check out this great tutorial by BERNINA on creating a rolled hem.

Modern Domestic Woven Flannel Scarf

Step 3:

Once both sides are hemmed, piece the two selvage ends together with a half inch seam allowance. Finger press your seam open. Switch your presser foot to a #57 quarter inch foot. Top stitch the seam allowance open at a quarter inch. Turn, and repeat on other side of seam.


Voila! You created a cozy woven scarf!

Wear your new scarf while you sew many more for your friends! Experiment with different widths and lengths of flannel to create cowls and over sized scarves. Switch it up and try fraying the raw edges of the woven flannel rather than rolling the hem for a different look!

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Modern Domestic woven flannel scarf tutorial

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