Cozy Knit Throw

We were so inspired by April Rhodes’ use of her knit fabric, we decided to make a cozy throw too! Meredith put this beauty together in no time. This throw is the perfect weight to cuddle up with; you can’t get cozier than this!


2 Yards: April Rhodes Wanderer Knit
2 Yards: Birch Fabric Organic Fleece


Presser Feet: Walking Foot, Button-Sew-On Foot

AR throw 1

1. Begin by cutting off the selvages. With right sides together, match fabrics to measure the same size (aprox. 60×72). Trim off any extra inches to ensure you have two pieces that are the same size.

For the ultimate cozy throw, use the brushed side as the right side of the fabric. Be sure your fleece is facing the correct way for this step–fuzzy side to printed side.

AR throw 2

2. Pin fabric a few inches in from the edges. That way you don’t have to remove pins when serging the edges.

AR throw 3

3. Head over to your serger and sew up the edges with a 4 thread overlock stitch.

AR throw 4

4. Leave a 10 – 12 inch opening and turn right sides out.

AR throw 5

5. With the right sides out, use a walking foot to top stitch all sides being sure to close the opening.

step 6 knit blanket Modern Domestic

6. To finish, Meredith chose a button–sew–on foot and stitch to secure the two sides together.

Thats it! How easy is that? Now hurry to our online shop to pick out your favorite knit combination and make a cozy knit throw for yourself!

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