Classroom Machines are still on Sale!

Classroom Janome DC2010

We had a wonderful sale last weekend, and are super happy to have landed some wonderful sewing machines in the hands of our stitchers. We have only 3 Janome DC2010’s left in the classroom and we are moving into a new Janome model. We have loved that DC2010 (and still do)! But have found a comparable machine with a few key features, and best of all, it isn’t sold all over the internet by much larger retailers.

Our last 3 DC2010’s can be purchased for $449 and are an awfully sweet deal. These machines come with classes on the machines, and a really thorough and useful 3 year warrantee. The warrantee covers everything, even regular service on the machines and broken needle threaders and what not, for three whole years!

New Classroom Machines! The Janome JNH1860.

Once these are gone at MD, we will move into the new Janome JNH1860‘s. Have a look at these little darlings: they have black LCD screens that give all sorts of information, a much easier to use needle threader, and still great features like speed control, and the needle up/down button.

Look at that screen, so helpful.

We have 3 in the classroom upstairs and you are welcome to come and sew on them anytime. We would love to show you all about them, or better yet, use them in a class!

2 Responses to “Classroom Machines are still on Sale!”

  1. Jessika Mejia

    Hello. I am new to sewing and shopping for a machine. I have narrowed it down to the machines you guys use in your class (from what I have read), the DC 2010 and the JNH 1860. I’m leaning more towards the 1860. Any suggestions, learning experiences?? I plan on using my machine for an assortment of crafts and a variety of fabrics.

  2. lupine

    Hi Jessika, We no longer carry the DC2010. We loved it though. We switched because the JNH1860 is a dealer exclusive machine and it tough to compete with Amazon and other online sellers when you are an actual store. Anyway, I like the JNH1860 better. It has a few more great features, like a much more informative display, an easier to use needle threader, and a knot tie button. These are all very useful for a sewist, and well worth the price difference. There are fewer stitches, but mostly decorative stitches are used very little. Janome is making really great user friendly, well made machines these days. If you are in the Portland area, you should come in and try out the JNH1860. We can always give a good price on our classroom models!

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