Children’s clothing, made with so much care.

This post is from Shelly Figueroa. She is a pattern designer and teacher at Modern Domestic. She has some lovley new patterns out this spring for boys and girls, and has put special attention into the inside of the clothing. Her seams are finished in such a way that they are smooth and soft against the skin. In her upcoming classes, you will learn much more than how to make sweet dresses, a darling hoodie, and playful shorts. You will learn how to do bias tape finishes, french seams, and make things look as beautiful on the inside as they do out.

Shelly Says:


Karen designed this hood on the larger size because little ears need to be covered when the wind begins to blow.  I can’t tell you how many coats or jackets I have bought for the kids and the hood barely covers the back of their ears.  Plus, Julian has really BIG hair and I have never been able to fit his head all the way into a hood (honestly, his hair is BIG) so I can appreciate a larger hood. I’ve also noticed my son Franco pretending to be a Jedi when his hood is up.



The most recent patterns we have designed, “The Beach Bum Hoodie & Board Shorts” & the “Ofelia Dress, Shirt & Bloomers” were designed for children that are sensitive or for the mom that wants to make an heirloom quality outfit that will last several hand me downs.  The terrific thing is if you’re looking to make a cute hoodie or pair of shorts quickly then you can use your usual method of finishing seams.  An overlock zig-zag stitch, serger or pinking shears will do the trick.  We wanted you to have the option of learning new methods and if you do have a sensitive boy (or girl) in your life and you want to help them feel cozy in their clothes then this is your answer!   Take note that you don’t have to use the smooth seam finish with just this pattern.  You can use it on clothing for yourself or home decor items.  Bonus:  the pockets have been designed for we “non-ironing” types.


I love taking Franco’s shorts out of the dryer and I don’t have to worry about the pockets all bunched up. Not only is this pocket lovely and smooth on the inside, but this finish keeps it from bunching up.

If you live in the Portland Oregon area and want some assistance and want to take your sewing to a new level just sign up for the class and I’ll take you through your new venture.

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Happy Sewing!

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