MD Sewist Spotlight: Nicole Morgenthau

This week, our spotlight is on one of our wonderful teachers, Nicole Morgenthau. Nicole does beautiful hand-smocking work, and offers adult classes on hand-smocking periodically. She also teaches the 8- to 12-year-old set how to sew, and will have several different kids classes on the schedule this summer. If you’ve been wanting to take a … Continued

An MD Walk Down Memory Lane

I was scrolling through some photos and came across these gems. I thought it appropriate to share with our second anniversary weekend upon us. Modern Domestic opened its humble doors two years ago with the high hopes of fulfilling our dream of become the sewing studio we had diligently planned on. When Lupine and I … Continued

Pin It, Sew It: Courthouse Steps Mini Quilt

Pinterest has become the new go-to for inspiration. You can geek out for hours finding sparks of imagination for pretty much any decorating idea, menu, paint color or sewing project! We pin things constantly, carefully categorizing them onto different boards, but how often do we go back and actually make the projects that we pinned … Continued