Zippered Pouches for All! and a Giveaway

At Bolt on Sunday, I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness of their fabrics. Some of these are so wonderful (and while I could buy fabric just about every day) but these days I try to buy fabrics only when I need them.  Need…want…need…want. It can be a fine line. I realized my zippered pouch class … Continued

Tools for Sergery

There are a few supplies or tools I always keep right by my serger. I like having these accessible while I’m sitting prepping for work. Having just taught another session of Serger Basic Vol. 1, I showed a whole new group of students how helpful these tools can be. They’re all really quite small, and mostly … Continued

More and more machines…

…keep arriving. And as it turns out, it’s a little something for everyone. Take a spin on the new top-of-the-line bernette for BERNINA, the bernette 25. Pretty. Saddle on up to the newest entry level BERNINA, the 215. Prettier. The clouds in the heavens part to reveal sunlight directly aimed at this beauty, the BERNINA … Continued

Bigger is Better with the Aurora 450

Today through the 22nd you can receive a guarenteed trade in value on any Aurora machine of at least $250 dollars. That even applies to a broken down clunker unearthed from your grannies basement. Come on in and meet Erica’s favorite Aurora, the 450. It will make you weak in the knees. Lately I can’t … Continued

Look…no hands!

Did you know you can raise and lower the presser foot on most BERNINAs without using your hands? Did you know you can raise and lower the needle with using your hands either? I know!!! As Elaine from Seinfeld would say, “Shut up!” This first feature is similar to industrial machines. Starting standard with the … Continued

A family of buttonholes

I was playing around the other day on our classroom BERNINA Aurora 440QEs and had a minor revelation. I knew there were buttonhole options but it had never registered how many buttonholes were accessible with the push of a button. The 430 has 6 while the 440QE boasts 7! And that doesn’t even include the … Continued

Lucky #29

It’s such a beautiful spring Saturday here in Portland and I’m so looking forward to spending the evening with Susan Beal.  Don’t forget tonight is our book signing and sewing party in celebration of Susan’s new book, Modern Log Cabin Quilting. Congratulations to Beth T, our lucky #29!!  You have won a signed copy of … Continued

Spring and Wool with Kata Golda

Every year about this time I start thinking of the perfect little something for my daughter’s Easter baskets. I always want something handmade in there and Spring is just the time for a little something sweet! Kata Golda’s back just in time. You can spend the entire Saturday, April 9th with her, and make all … Continued