How to Hem Jeans

Amy shares a great jean hemming tip over at Really Handmade. Have a look, you will be amazed at this cool way to get your jeans to look like you picked them up from the tailors. I have quite a few favorite tools when it comes to sewing. I’ve used countless brands of scissors, rulers, … Continued

Favorite Things: Erasable Markers

This post is from our lovely Amy Alan. She shares tips and tools and other great sewing knowledge in the store many days a week and even teaches classes. We love her for her funny laugh and fine penmanship, you will love her for her warm smile and impressive sewing skills. I found a few … Continued

More from Sally

Have a look at what Sally has to say over at bolt neighborhood about double needles. She has demonstrated their amazing abilities in all of her knit classes at MD. The experience of using one of these twin needle wonders is thrilling for the sewist and  results in professionally finished garments even for beginners. Sometimes … Continued

Loving the Local

It is a great week for spreading the word about Modern Domestic. We have had two lovely pieces in one short week and are totally feeling the love. It is wonderful to hear what people think, see, and feel when they come in to MD. And the photos, they are just beautiful. Have a look … Continued

Love and Scissors.

We feel so lucky to have such a lovely bunch of teachers and friends at MD. Have a look at this kind post from Autumn; she says the nicest things about us! And here is another nice blurb in the Neighborhood Notes blog (scroll down to the NE section). All these words of love and … Continued

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