The best place to be…

…when it rains is behind a sewing machine at Modern Domestic. This fall is packed with amazing classes. Each one will teach you new and amazing skills, introduce you to a fabulous teacher, the world of presser feet, the coolest sewing companions and classmates and makes for a great way to spend a few evenings … Continued

Early Fall Classes are Posted!

In the last few weeks we have been looking at all of the wonderful new class proposals and samples that have arrived from our lovely teachers. We sure are lucky to have Portland’s most talented and creative sewing teachers right here at MD. Thanks ladies for all your hard work and inspirational projects! We wouldn’t … Continued

Summer Skirts and Why You Need Them

Skirts were what inspired me to sew. They are simple and flattering. I wear tons of them, and making them is still a great sewing learning opportunity for me! From linings, facing, zippers, knits, gathers, ruffles, fit and patterns–skirt classes cover loads of sewing basics, and chances are you will also LOVE the finished product. … Continued

Autumn’s Wish List

by Autumn Lapour! 1. Fasturn My life was changed when it comes to making straps of any kind when Lupine showed me the magic of the Fasturn turning tools.  No more safety pins and too much time.  Turning a strap takes just a few seconds with the turning tools.  I just wish I had my own set at … Continued