The Dolman Top

Sewing projects at MD spread around the staff like wildfire. One minute we are all working on quilts, the next machine embroidery, and currently is seems to be knits. We are all crazy right now sewing (and teaching) knit patterns, from dresses to t-shirts, the Renfrew (love) and leggings: check out these classes.

Sneak Peek at Spring

I’ve been busily (and secretly) working on some spring-time projects.  The weather outside is not cooperating with this frame of mind but I have powered through.  These will eventually serve as inspiration for tutorials, projects, classes, free mini-classes, and more!  I’ve been especially trying to incorporate machine embroidery into everyday home dec items – not … Continued

Envelope Pillows Go NW Modern

Oh the envelope pillow. What a simple, rewarding, easy, and fun little project. With a recent move to SW Portland, I have added a new house, sofa, and style to my life. The easiest, most instant way to accessorize is by far the pillow. It needs just a wee bit of fabric, in this cases … Continued

Lovely New Website

As you can see, we have a beautiful new website! We have been working on this for a while, and as anyone who has ever designed and/or built a website knows, it is a heap of work! There is the design part, it has to look pretty in the end, right?

And a Happy 2012 to you!

We had a wonderful 2011! Mostly because of you great folks so a big huge MD hug-filled THANK YOU. And also due in large part to Meredith, Erica, and Tony. We have the best team here at MD and we try and tell them that we love and appreciate them often. We also have an … Continued

Merry Christmas from all of Us!

We wish you the happiest of holidays and hope that you can spend time enjoying all that you love. We are so glad to have all of you wonderful people in our lives, every day of the year. Thank you for all your support; the last few weeks have brought many holiday shoppers both familiar … Continued