Can there be anything better than a wrap skirt?


Well, maybe a few things, but for summer, a wrap skirt can get you pretty far. Now just imagine that your favorite wrap skirt was really two skirts in one, didn’t have a bulky tie, and was a bit more modern than usual. This is just what Martha McQuade had in mind when she created this lovely pattern for Stitch Magazine. Well, not exactly the reversible part, but that is a great little adjustment that we will make in class.


If you have always had a fear of button holes or just thought you might actually like to learn to sew buttons on by machine, then this class will get you there. Sewing buttons on by machine and attacking button holes is some kind of thrill that is not to be missed for sewists of the beginning/intermediate level. This is a simple pattern, but the class will cover things quickly and there will be a bit of homework. If you imagine this flattering skirt wrapping you up all summer, then sign up here.

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  1. shelby brakken

    ohmygod. i love this skirt. cutest ever.

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