Buttonholes Made Easy

Gone are the days of bulky buttonhole attachments as large as your machine. Welcome to the 21st century–these Berninas are not your grandmother’s sewing machine.  Let’s look at the effortlessly awesome key buttonhole, available on the Bernina 350PE and up.

Look at the swanky streamlined foot!

One quick note as you’re threading up your machine.  There is a finger on the bobbin case with a tiny hole at the tip.  Threading the bobbin thread through there makes the tension a little tighter and gives the stitches a slightly more rounded (and attractive) appearance.

Threading the bobbin

I outfitted the Bernina 380 with a #3A foot–Buttonhole Foot with slide.  You can see here where there is an adjustable mark to pinpoint the exact length needed.

Easy to see, easy to use.

Wouldn’t you love your machine to remember how long the first buttonhole was and be able to repeat it ’cause this one totally does.  Once you’ve reached your mark on the left side simply press the backstitch, or Quick Reverse, button–the one that looks like a fish hook.

Backstitch=Quick Reverse=Fish Hook

After that, sit back and marvel.  The machine will automatically finish the reminder of the buttonhole.  Just keep your foot on the pedal.


All subsequent buttonholes will be sewn to that exact length; there will be no need to press the Quick Reverse button.  That length can also be stored into memory if you plan on using it for several projects.  Otherwise, press the *clr* button.

Pretty pretty key buttonhole.

Voila!  Wouldn’t these look great on Colette Pattern’s Beignet skirt?

6 Responses to “Buttonholes Made Easy”

  1. karen

    It’s becoming extraordinarily difficult for me to not have this machine.

  2. jen downer

    its sooooooo pretty…

  3. Connie

    I have actually been disappointed that the keyhole is so small. When I make them, the keyhole is only about a thread wider than the straight part of the buttonhole. Any suggesyions?

  4. lupine

    Hi Connie, What machine are you using? Sometimes if your fabric is a heavier weight, you may want to come in and make a keyhole on a 9mm machine. The button holes are bigger. Also, you can certainly try making length and width adjustments to the stitch.

  5. Sabrina Wharton-Brown

    Can you adjust the stitch width and stitch length of the buttonhole on the Bernina 380?

    Also, do you know if it is possible to have the piano-black parts exchanged for matt silver ones?

  6. lupine

    You can absolutely adjust the buttonhole. You will want to simply use the width selection arrows to make it wider or narrower, and the stitch length arrows will create more space in the satin stitch. As for exchanging the cover, please give us a call and we can discuss this possibility.

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