Bolt+MD+Supportland=The Hook Up!

The hook-up!

Photo: Shelby Brakken

MD has teamed up with both Bolt and Supportland to offer you two neat new “hook-ups.” Here’s how it works.

Hook up #1: You spend $100 or more at Bolt (doesn’t matter if things are discounted or full price) and you’ll receive 20% off any brand machine service at Modern Domestic!

Hook up #2: If you sign up for a Sew Basic class at MD, you will get to take advantage of a 20% discount on your next purchase at Bolt!

It is so super easy–you just bring your Supportland card with you when you’re shopping at either store and we’ll put the discount notice on the card, bring it down to the other store with you and they’ll take it off (this works just the same for the Sew Basic / 20% discount offer too–but for the class, you can bring your card when you show up for your swipe if you sign up online).  These “hookups” are running through October 15th and the discount is good for 6 months after it’s put on your Supportland card.  Yay Supportland for making it easy!!

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