Easy Last-Minute Valentines

Valentine’s day is tomorrow, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve procrastinated until the last minute and haven’t even come up with a so much as a card for your beloved.  Luckily, with some scrap fabric, paper, and a sewing machine, you can whip up an adorable card in minutes. First, grab some mid-to-heavy weight … Continued

Printing with Zanna

There are a few things in the store that I really love to come in and see happening. The Friday night quilt ladies creating their gorgeous quilts and absolutely cracking me up is #1 on my list, and #2 is watching anyone and everyone print with Zanna. If I come to the shop the morning … Continued

Sew Social

If you happen to have picked up Vogue Patterns‘ new February/March issue, you may have seen something familiar–us!  There’s a very nice feature on sewing studios across the country, including a shout-out and pic of our humble studio.  A way to connect to others and our neighborhoods while learning something as tried-and-true as sewing, these … Continued

The Right Tools for the Job

BERNINA offers a wide variety of specialty feet. It’s one of the many reasons we here at MD are so enamored with them. You may scoff but this is not over-indulgence. All these different feet are designed to aid your sewing, making it easier and less frustrating. Ever think about not painstakingly hand sewing on … Continued

Making new Friends: The Needle Shop

Recently, Michelle and I had the chance to spend nearly two weeks in the greater Chicago area. As you may have noticed from our facebook page, we were in BERNINA land. There were a total of three weeks of training, loads of wonderful people, the most amazing sewing machines ever made, and very c-c-cold weather. … Continued

Tied Around Your Finger

It’s always nice to make an easy and stress-free gift while learning a few new sewing skills! In the Ties for Tying class on Saturday, Feburary 5th at 1:00 PM, you can learn a project that will be helpful to have on hand for the stylish men and women in your life. Embroidering a few … Continued

Looking for a fun design challenge?

Look no further than Modified Style!  The annual fashion show fundraiser is happening on May 1st at 6:00 pm at Disjecta.  For additional event details, including how to enter, check out last week’s post, which can be found here.  This event will have you asking yourself questions like “what can I make out of 10 … Continued

Sweet Nothings

Valentine’s Day means a lot of things to a lot of different people. Regardless of whether you’re married, dating, or single, it can be fun to feel extra flirty. If you’re going to a cozy restaurant, hanging out on the couch with a movie, or simply having some “me” time, why not be wearing something … Continued

Creating with Flat Pattern

I can be a very picky person when it comes to paying a high price for clothes. I look at all of the details- how will the fabric hold up? Can I throw it in the washer and forget about it? Will I have to fix this zipper or these buttons after I wear it … Continued