Shears and Scissors

One of our MD customers found this profile of designer’s shears in the NY Times. I found it so inspiring because I too have deep bond with my shears. A good pair of shears can last a lifetime. My first pair was given to me in 1997, a pair of Gingher 8″ dressmaker shears. In … Continued

Little Sewists

A moment at Modern Domestic with my lovely little Daughters, Bina age 3.5 and Dot age 5.5. The very next morning they woke up talking about the machines they wanted for their 4th and 6th birthdays. Dot wants the cute little black bernette 46 and Bina would like the bernette 20. Good choices! I feel … Continued

My favorite ways to mark fabric.

I have two. One would be familiar to my grandmother–tracing paper and a tracing wheel. Sometimes a tool doesn’t need to be updated; it’s classic for a reason. These continue to be the best ways to transfer marks like darts, pleat lines and other information from a pattern piece. The tracing (or transfer) paper is … Continued

The Quilt Frame

One of the most exciting things about expanding is being able to offer you some special things that we have wanted to provide for a long time, but just have not had the space. First on that list is a place to show you the BERNINA quilt frame, Quilt Motion Software, and even a place … Continued

Modern Domestic is EXPANDING!!!!

You have no idea how hard it was for us to keep this to ourselves! We have been busting at the seams (had to add that pun) for a while now and every time we watch our beloved students struggle to find ample cutting space we just cringe. But after October 15th or so we … Continued

Draping I

Robin Forsythe gives a little more info about her upcoming Draping I class. You also might want to check out her lovely clothing line and blog, Estate. Her work is lovely, full of modern grace and oh so wearable! In this series of classes, you’ll learn how to drape the fabric on the dress form … Continued


There are countless brands and types of stabilizers, used primarily for machine embroidery. Here at MD, we’ve started using OESD. This company provides a wide variety of types. Types, you ask?  What different types are there? Well, there are 3 main categories. Wash-Away, Cut-Away, & Tear-Away. You hoop the stabilizer behind your fabric which helps … Continued

The best place to be…

…when it rains is behind a sewing machine at Modern Domestic. This fall is packed with amazing classes. Each one will teach you new and amazing skills, introduce you to a fabulous teacher, the world of presser feet, the coolest sewing companions and classmates and makes for a great way to spend a few evenings … Continued

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