Between BERNINA and You is a little MD Love

About once every week or so, our wonderful UPS or FedEx peeps deliver a stack of sewing machines. They are always just here a little while, on their way to your house, but while we have them, we treat them extra special.

Inside the box, perfectly packed.

Each and every sewing machine that comes through our door is “sewn in” by the MD staff. Sewing in a machine involves unpacking, and checking out the machine. We sew some stitches; straight ones, zig zag ones, honeycombs and buttonholes. Our goal is to make sure they are perfect for you. Perfect. They travel from overseas to Chicago, then all the way out west. It would be such a shame if you brought home a glorious BERNINA 380 and something had shifted in shipping and just wasn’t quite right.

Upon opening, factory sew-in stitches in BERNINA red.
Checking stitches for perfection.

The other reason we must do this is because we love them. And you. But we really love BERNINA sewing machines at MD and getting to open one up for the first time and carefully unpack it is kinda like mini-Christmas-just-for-a-sec, then we put it all back just so. After all, you are the one that needs to spend time breathing in that lovely new sewing machine smell and discovering its Swiss perfection.

Swiss engineering at is finest; a simple spot to wind the foot pedal cord.

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