BERNINA University 2012

Every summer, BERNINA hosts a “convention” of sorts–part training session, part new product release, part networking, part fun times. BERNINA University 2012 (or as I like to call it–Camp BU) was held last week in Washington DC. Lupine, Michelle, and I trekked all the way across the country while fearless Erica stayed here holding down the fort.The East Coast was in a full-on heat wave when I arrived back in my old home of NYC. I mean, come on. If I’m going to spend 6-8 hours flying across the country, I’m stopping by my old neighborhood! I was so excited to see friends, visit museums, bookstores, & ball parks, hit a Broadway show, go to my former store, and generally see the city.

At my favorite Indian restaurant in the East Village

I had a lot of fun and by Friday Lupine and Michelle had joined me. We spent a day wandering around SoHo shopping and eating yummy food, paid a visit to my former home, The City Quilter, and crashed the garment district looking for zippers.

There were too many zippers for one picture.

Saturday we traveled by train (how old fashioned!) to DC. Delaware! Maryland!

Michelle and I on Amtrak

The first day included an open meeting where we saw new product like DesignWorks, for embellishing, and the debut of the new 7 series machines with a new bobbin system, the 9 hook.

That afternoon I sat down in front of the new 780. It was a little dreamy! Love the extended arm, bigger touch screen, large bobbin, and dual feed.

new 780 sewing and embroidery machine

Can you imagine an entire room full of 780s?

780 embroidering

One of the many reasons I like going to BU is to try feet or accessories I haven’t worked with yet. Throughout the week, I took classes on the 830, 580, and 380.  In the 380 class, I got to try the Needle Punch Tool and Spanish Hemstitch Attachment.

My potholder in progress from the Foot Ware class on the 380

One of the best parts of BU is friends! My friend from Kansas City, Jaime, and I took a few classes together. We tried not to be too distracting.

Jaime and I in a 580 class. Of course, we both own 580s.
It kinda looks like a moustache...
...don't you think?

Plus, I got to see my friend and former co-worker Andrea and the 3 of us had a lot of fun getting to know a new friend, Heather from Brooklyn General.

from L-R, Heather, myself, Andrea, Jaime

At the end of the week, during the closing ceremony, several awards are given out. None of us were prepared to be nominated so I didn’t have my camera on me. I can only say that when I saw Michelle and Lupine’s names come up on the screen for “Rookie of the Year” nominees, I was unprepared for the amount of pride I felt for those ladies. And then to have Modern Domestic called! It was kind of amazing. We’re so lucky to have incredible customers that help make our store awesome. Quite the end our East Coast/Camp BU extravaganza!

Washington Square Park, NYC
on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
Lupine and Michelle with Abe, George, & Martha. Gotta love DC!
Washington Monument, DC
White House, DC. We stumbled on it accidentally one night while looking for a restaurant.
Jaime and Michelle at Old Ebbitt Grill, DC
Jaime and I made it to one museum, the Hirschhorn. Fabulous.
Wednesday night fun times

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  1. autumn

    why does that look like such a fun trip in more ways than one??? and yay for you ladies!

  2. Donna D

    How exciting to see people your age jumping into sewing!

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