BERNINA University 2011. San Antonio, TX.

Meredith, Michelle and I were thrilled to attend this dealer only show full of friends, education, and true inspiration. There are such wonderful people in this company; forward thinking, supportive, willing to share. I have been in the sewing and craft industry for 12 years, and never have I seen this sort of education offered from a company to the shop owners or the consumers. It is truly amazing.

Coming in a matter of weeks, the New BERNINA 5 Series machines

We learned about new products: 5 Series machines, Quilt Motion software, and much more. We attended round-table meetings with Mr. Hanspeter Ueltschi, the president of BERNINA. THE PRESIDENT. He made an effort to come and meet both Michelle and I seperately after the class and learn all about Modern Domestic. That is so super cool, I can not tell you how flattered and proud we felt.

I would eat this "worst bar-b-q" any day.

We ate amazing food – BBQ, Mexican, and delicious steaks. We drank beer, line danced, laughed, networked with other BERNINA shop owners new and old from Anchorage, Idaho, to Toledo and even Prince Edward Island and Beaverton, OR. These people share, feel inspired, and truly love what they do. We are flattered to be a part of this group of independent local sewing stores that teach and sell the best sewing equipment in the world.

Closing reception "armadillo ball"

We are also so thankful to Erica, Amy, and Shelly who stayed at MD making sure you all were able to sew, learn and shop while we were away. They are the best!

4 Responses to “BERNINA University 2011. San Antonio, TX.”

  1. autumn

    i know i’m a dork, but i don’t care! a real-live BIG picture of one of the new machines?! i can’t wait to see them in real life!

    and i’m glad you all had fun and learned a ton 🙂

  2. Erika Sews

    Fabulous, isn’t it? So much fun to have so many folks in the same spot who feel so strongly about such a wonderful product. Can’t wait to see those new 5 Series machines in person, they look BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Catherine Fowler

    Should I have waited and passed on the 440QE and waited for a 5? 🙂 Technology regret is a fact of life.

  4. lupine

    We do have a 90 day trade up policy, and you can certainly take advantage of it if you fall in love with a 550QE!

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