BERNINA Quick Tips: Threading Your Machine

BERNINA machines come with many fun accessories. During the excitement of unpacking your new machine, you just want to get sewing! If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is consult the manual, so I’m here to tell you some quick tips for getting your machine going.

Last week, we went over how to properly wind a bobbin on your new BERNINA. Today we’ll be going over how to properly thread your machine. Look for how to properly load your bobbin into the bobbin case next week.

Before you thread your machine there are two important things you need to make sure of:

1) Your presser foot should be in the up position. When your presser foot is up, the tension discs inside your machine are open. Tension discs are what help the thread move through your machine at an even pace and are what help you get a beautiful stitch. When your presser foot is down, the tension discs are closed and you won’t be able to get the thread in the right position. This will cause your stitch to look less than desirable.

2) Make sure your needle is in the full upright position. Rather than using your hand wheel, use your needle up/down button to raise the needle. This will ensure the take-up lever is fully raised and you will be able to easily see the hook, allowing you to get your thread in the right place. When you use your hand wheel to raise your needle, you can only really guess if you’ve put the needle in the full upright position. When you’ve made sure those two things are checked off your list, you’re ready to thread your machine!

Your thread tail from your thread spool should still be coming up and over the top of the spool like we mentioned in the BERNINA Quick Tips: Winding a Bobbin post and should still be under the silver hook in the back of your machine, but you’ll want to remove your thread from the little round silver tension disc. Bring your thread toward the front part of the machine. There are little arrows to help you remember where to go next.


Next you’ll bring your thread down on the right side of the silver guard.


Now bring your thread under the silver guard and up on the left.


You want to hook your thread on the thread take up lever from right to left. If it helps you to hook your thread, you can draw an upside down “U” in the air with your thread.  Double check to make sure your thread is hooked on your thread take-up lever. It should look like the photo below.


Once you have your thread hooked in the right place, bring your thread back down on the left of the silver thread guard.  There is a little silver arm right at the bottom of your thread guard. The opening for this is on the right. You want to tuck your thread right behind that.


You have one more spot to tuck your thread! On all machines from the 215 to the 580, right above your needle is another little tiny “U” hook. The opening for this is on the left. With machines 710 and above, the “U” hook is more of a little arm and the opening is on the right.


At this point in threading your machine, you should have your thread in all the right spots! You may now lower your presser foot to get it out of the way and thread the eye of your needle from front to back.

Don’t forget to check back next week when we’ll go over how to properly load the bobbin in your machine.

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  1. Jennifer Hale

    Great tutorial! You wouldn’t happen to want to do one for the Bernina 800? Those loopers drive me crazy!

  2. meredith

    That’s a great idea Jennifer–we’ll work on that!

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