BERNINA Quick Tips: Loading a Bobbin

BERNINA machines come with many fun accessories. During the excitement of unpacking your new machine, you just want to get sewing! If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is consult the manual, so I’m here to tell you some quick tips for getting your machine going.

A couple of weeks ago we went over how to properly wind a bobbin. Last week, we went over how to properly thread your new BERNINA. Today I’ll be showing you how to load your bobbin in your machine.

For those new to BERNINA, it’s easiest to load your bobbin by making sure your tray table is removed.


 Inside your bobbin door sits your bobbin case. Pull the tiny lever out toward you to remove your bobbin case.


Turn your bobbin case around so you can see the other side. You always want the arm or the cut out (depending on which machine you have) to be facing up toward the ceiling.


Make sure the thread tail on your bobbin is hanging off to the right of your bobbin, like a number 9 or a lowercase q, and place your bobbin in its bobbin case.


On the side of your bobbin case is a little slit. You want to put your thread tail right in there.


In order to get your thread in the right spot behind the tension disc, you’ll need to pull up and over to the right.


Now place your bobbin and the bobbin case back inside your machine. Make sure to firmly push it into place. Listen for a clicking sound. When you hear the clicking sound, give it another little firm push just to make sure it is locked into place. If your bobbin case isn’t locked into place, you’ll hear a clunking sound when you start to sew. Don’t worry! Just stop sewing, open up your bobbin door and check your bobbin case. If it fell out, you didn’t push hard enough! Try again! After you have your bobbin case locked into place, you can snip your thread tail off in the thread cutter located on the right side and shut your bobbin door. With older machines, you have to bring your bobbin thread up through the stitch plate, but with your new BERNINA, you don’t have to!


Whew! You did it! Now you can get to sewing! Whether this is your first time ever threading a sewing machine or just your first time threading a BERNINA, we highly recommend you practice a few times to get the hang of it. After that, it’s a piece of cake. Happy sewing!


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