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Your sewing machine is an incredible tool to unlock your skills and creativity.

Our main goal is to help you feel confident navigating your BERNINA sewing machine. We hope this information is helpful to you as you grow your machine knowledge and love of sewing.

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BERNINA Presser Foot Guide

Presser Foot Guide

Your new sewing machine works with a variety of presser feet and accessories. These presser feet are intended to be changed depending on the type of sewing you do.

Please contact us if you would like pricing or information on purchasing these accessories and presser feet.

BERNINA presser feet vary in width depending on the stitch width capacity of your machine. There are two sizes (5.5mm and 9mm) and two types of 9mm. 

  • 5.5mm machines with an Oscillating Bobbin System (feet with just a number).

  • 9mm machines with a 9 Hook Bobbin System (feet number with a C or D). Feet also can vary in function if it also has Dual Feed capability (indicated with a D on foot). The Dual Feed aids in feeding all layers through the foot at the same rate. The “D” feet have a slot in the back made to accept the Dual Feed mechanism.

Click on a presser foot below to view video demos

Overlocker Foot: #2 & #2A

Button Holes: #3A (9 Hook Bobbin Machines)

Button Hole: #3 & 3A (Oscillating Bobbin Machines)

Zipper Foot: #4, #4D, #14D & #54

Invisible Zipper Foot #35

Blindstitch Hem Foot #5

Satin Stitching & Appliqué: #6 Embroidery Foot

Tailor Tack #7 Foot

Jeans Foot #8 & #8D

Darning & Free Motion: #9, #15, #25, #29 & #29C

Edgestitching: #10, #10C & #10D Edgestitch Foot

Decorative Top Stitching: Cordonnet Foot #11

Piping & Corded Edge: Bulky Overlock Foot #12 & #12C

Gathering Foot #16

Button Sew-On Foot #18

Decorative Stitches: Embroidery Feet # 6, #20, #20C, #20D, 39, #39C & #56

1/4″ Patchwork Foot: #97 & 97D Patchwork Foot (9 Hook Bobbin Machines)

PDF Accessory GuideBook

Getting Started

Welcome to the world of BERNINA! Let’s get started.

First Steps (BERNINA 3 Series)

Clean & Oil Your BERNINA

Cleaning and oiling is important to keep your BERNINA machine running in top condition. Every machine works better with regular maintenance. The videos below will show you how to correctly clean your machine and how to oil the hook race.

How to oil a BERNINA 8 Series

How to oil a BERNINA 4, 5 & 7 Series

How to oil a BERNINA 2 and 3 Series

Sewing machine oil can vary based on the type of machine you have.

Shop machine oil online here:

Shop Machine oil


Coming Soon: MyBERNINA Modern Domestic Virtual Classes

We’re thrilled to bring our BERNINA education to your home. This 8-part course / Live Zoom Q&A will be available soon and will be FREE to those who purchased a new BERNINA at Modern Domestic.

In these courses Erica will walk you through step-by-step instructions from setup and first stitches, to customizing your machine screen to fit your sewing needs.

Virtual classes will be available soon. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter for updates.

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Meet Erica

Erica has a great ability to explain complicated sewing techniques in an approachable way, allowing all her students to feel empowered and capable to work independently. She has been at team member at Modern Domestic for 10 years, and has set a tone for the way we approach education and care for our customers. With kind and thoughtful guidance, Erica makes sewing FUN!

When she isn’t at the shop, you can find Erica spending time with family, diving into a new book, or sewing garments in her garage-converted studio she built from the ground up!