Autumn’s Wish List

by Autumn Lapour!


1. Fasturn

My life was changed when it comes to making straps of any kind when Lupine showed me the magic of the Fasturn turning tools.  No more safety pins and too much time.  Turning a strap takes just a few seconds with the turning tools.  I just wish I had my own set at home.

2. Serger thread

I was just given a serger and I’m thinking a set of every color thread would be really nice.  The colors at Modern Domestic are great.

3. Sally Hess’ Sewing with Knits

I’ve wanted to take the plunge into knit sewing with my new serger and one of Sally’s classes would be just what I need to take that plunge.

4. Oliso iron

I need my own really great iron for sewing that will not be used on my son’s plastic perler bead projects or my husband’s work clothes.

5. Cutting/Work table

I would love a work table at home, but I would also like my very own sewing room.

6. Anna Marie  Horner’s Handmade Beginnings

I’m 5 months pregnant and I think after Christmas I’ll be ready to bust out some baby sewing.  Maybe some maternity sewing too.  There are some great patterns in that book.

7. Baby quilt fabric

The first order of business for the baby is a small quilt.  Some fabric from Bolt would be great.

8. Quilting ruler

I’ve been doing more quilting these days and I’ve been working with the small quilting ruler I have at home.  I would love one of the larger rulers they have at Modern Domestic.

9. Cutting mat

I can’t have a great new quilting ruler without a great new cutting mat.  Again, the mat I’ve been using at home is too small for the quilting I want to be doing.

Autumn Lapour–I sew and knit every day.  This is part of what makes me a happy mommy.   I’m usually sewing doll and banner orders from my etsy shop, but when I’m not working on orders I’m sewing clothes for the kids or knitting sweaters for myself.   Check out my goods at and my good looking family at

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