August Foot of the Month–#46C

The BERNINA Pintuck and Decorative Stitch foot with clear sole #46C is the August 2014 Foot of the Month.  You’ll receive 25% off this foot at Modern Domestic for the entire month of August!  The #46C will make sewing perfectly parallel pintucks and embellishments a breeze.  


To start creating pintucks with a double needle, we used Schmetz Universal Twin 2.5/80 and decreased our upper thread tension. This allowed the bobbin thread to pull a little tighter below and create a more defined pintuck. When threading for a twin needle, I wind 2 bobbins and use one as an upper thread.


Each thread should sit on either side of the tension disc. I find that moving slowly and focusing on the disc helps. If you have a hard time seeing it, let me show you next time you’re in! Then thread each eye with different thread.


There are grooves in the sole with accommodate the raised tuck and allow you to easily sew parallel tucks approximately 1/4″ or 1/2″ apart. We played around with spacing, sewing some closer together and others further apart to create a “design.”


pintuck 1

Something special about this foot is its ability to easily and clearly add decorative stitches between the pintucks via a second pass with a single needle thanks to the grooved guides on the bottom of the foot.  The clear sole provides a perfect view of the stitching area, making it amazing for embellishing dress hems, blouses, pillows or anything else that needs a little retro-vintage charm.


Look at how nicely this decorative panel compliments and enhances one of the new Cotton + Steel prints! We added it for a little special flare on Noodlehead’s free tutorial, open wide zipper pouch. Using Combi-Mode (or memory functions) allows you to create custom stitch work–mirror image, pattern extend, pattern repeat. The possibilities are endless!

46Cpouch-full image


Take note, this is a 46C–for my 9mm machines, this meaning you can maximize your stitch width and get beautiful and impressive decorative stitches. No need to worry, if your machine has a smaller stitch width you can still take advantage of the pintucks and grooved sole for expertly placed stitching. The samples in gold were made on a 530!

Stop by Modern Domestic and try foot #46C for yourself. You will love how easy it is to get beautiful results, and take one home with you for 25% off!

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