Anna’s Tree Skirt Class was Just Too Good

…to do only once! After the fun of the stitchers and the amazing tree skirts they produced, we combed through the calendar to find a date for another session in plenty of time to deck out your very own holiday tree this year (the next session will be Tuesday mornings, December 7th and 14th from 9-12am). Anna Joyce teaches all of our machine applique classes, and this fall has focused her energy towards Stockings, Tree Skirts, and Bird Ornaments. They have had amazing results and been extremely popular so we have added another session of the Tree Skirt class and as well as more Stocking classses, so grab a spot before they fill up! Below, you will find some pictures and notes from Anna about her first Tree Skirt class; they were too good not to share.

The sample from Anna's class, complete with lovely red decorative stitches from a Bernina 330

The first tree skirt class at Modern Domestic was fantastic! People came in with wonderful and creative ideas ready to go and we got started right away designing and making a collection of beautiful handmade felt tree skirts that will charm for many holidays to come!

Decorative stitches used for a string of lights. Brilliant!

I was really excited to see a lot of the students taking advantage of the decorative stitched that the Bernina’s have to offer.  The decorative stitches look really rich and elegant sewn into the plush wool felt and there is no end of ways you can use them.  The mix of my machine applique technique mixed with the beautiful sewing Bernina’s and my students incredible designs made for a very inspiring afternoon- I can’t wait to do it again!

Amazing bird, branch, and berries design
Lovely playful Christmas trees
The cutting and design process
Classic winter scene will cozy up a lovely tree

We hope you can join Anna in either one of her charming holiday applique classes! There could be some special new holiday decor in your life quite soon!

3 Responses to “Anna’s Tree Skirt Class was Just Too Good”

  1. Annie Anderson

    I have been searching high and low for a modern simple Christmas tree skirt and while I tend to make things myself, I don’t have time this year and am hoping to (gasp!) buy something! I love the skirts here! Is anyone selling them? I NEED one! So adorable! And I can’t come take the class because I live in TEXAS!!! Thanks!

  2. lupine

    Anna Joyce, the teacher, does sell her items on etsy. Check her out at and you should be able to contact her there. Otherwise, shoot us an email at and we can send you her contact info. I bet she can help!

  3. Annie Anderson

    Thank-you! I did find her etsy shop but there were no skirts! Only stockings! Bummer! I messaged her and hope she has one lying around. Thinking positively!

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