Anna, Zanna, and Etsy

There is an etsy love fest going on tomorrow with two of our favorite teachers! Anna Joyce and Susanna Scott are vending at West Elm for a one day only pop up shop curated by Lynn Russell of Satsuma Press. There will be drinks, snacks, and tunes, but also the beautiful wares of two women (actually more than two, but two that we are especially fond of) that are making their living doing and teaching what they do best, their art.

If you have had the chance to learn from Zanna in a silkscreen class or Anna in an applique class, you can clearly see their passion as well as their ability and skills with design. We absolutely love their aesthetic and are so pleased that they are such an important part of MD. Show your love by a stop to their etsy shops: Ann’s is here and Zanna’s is here, or sign up for a class with Zanna or Anna.

Anna has been at MD getting ready for the show and playing on the embroidery machines. Check out this little video of her stitching up stuff on the 830LE. So fun to watch embroidery in action.

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