An MD Walk Down Memory Lane

I was scrolling through some photos and came across these gems. I thought it appropriate to share with our second anniversary weekend upon us. Modern Domestic opened its humble doors two years ago with the high hopes of fulfilling our dream of become the sewing studio we had diligently planned on. When Lupine and I look back we welt with pride. Amy, Jen, Erica, Meredith, Tony, Shelly, Lupine and I have worked so hard to get where we are now and what a joy it has been getting to know all of our lovely MD customers. My partner and co-workers are my closest friends and Lupine and I feel honored to work amongst such talent. We are still amazed on a regular basis that this is actually our job! All of us feel lucky to be able to share our love and knowledge of sewing with you.

Building the front desk
So much to unpack and assemble!
The beginnings of the first classroom.
Our first pretty sitting area.
The original machine and presser feet display.
And the expansion begins! October 2011
The bubble.
Team MD. We love this photo!

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  1. Jamie whitaker

    So sweet! I love you gals!

  2. Sally

    YAY! You ladies are awesome!!! Congratulations!

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