Amy does it Again, and this time its Pleats

Amy Karol does it again with this great quick and very cool scarf project. Sewing for her mother, Gayle,  for her birthday may just make her the best daughter in the world.  I have been loving lightweight scarfs, and thinking about all the ways to make them cool, but this pleated edge is a great way to easily embellish with the BERNINA ruffler foot #82! While I am at it, I really ought to make one for my own mother too!

Love the pleated scarf!

I love my Bernina ruffler foot. Can I say this again? I sewed this jacket (Simplicity 2372) for my mom’s upcoming birthday and wanted to add a matching scarf out of this dreamy two-tone lightweight linen.

Pleats! Easy and even.

I cut the scarf, serged the raw edges, and created these pleats on both sides of the scarf with the ruffle foot. It adds a really nice textural element to this simple linen jacket. I am so happy with how it turned out. I also think this scarf would work well with a lightweight knit. I would have never thought to try this without owning this ruffle foot. Can you imagine hand-pressing all these little pleats? Crazy talk!

What a lovely gift!

5 Responses to “Amy does it Again, and this time its Pleats”

  1. Shelley Noble

    Super cute and great. Inspiring. happy birthday to Amy’s mum.

  2. Martha

    Too cute! I don’t have a ruffler foot, so I’m not even going to imagine trying to do this, but I enjoy admiring yours!

  3. Natasha

    This is stunning, my machine doesn’t have a ruffler foot either, nor can I get one for it. I suppose that is all the better just more things on my to do list. ha. Beautiful work Amy.

  4. melinda

    simply gorgeous.
    I don’t have a ruffle foot either…how nuts would it be to just do randon tucks at varying intervals with a “normal” foot…

  5. Krysta

    This is really beautiful. Such a perfect addition for the summer!

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