A Wonderful Week.

Last week at MD was so action packed there was no time to squeeze in a first post. We had an amazing grand opening on Thursday night in spite of less than amazing weather. We were greeted with hugs and smiles from great friends, professional associates, family, and new faces all there in our new store. We were luck enough to have access to the adjacent unoccupied space next door to spread out some tasty food and drink, thanks to our kind landlord and a huge thanks to our wonderful friend Truli who made jello, dips, and cheese balls for days in preparation.

The day was busy for Amy, who had her hands full assembling give aways and receiving flowers and bottles of wine and champaign. We felt so loved, thank you so much to Debra, Jenni, Judy, Linda, Mimi, Tess, Art, Oscar, Sally, Susan, Austin, and Laura for the lovely fragrant and tasty bouquets and bottles of bubbly.

There must have been about a hundred folks through our store that night, the mailing list sign ups were great and the energy and fun of the evening is still fresh in my mind. We had some very generous donations of gift certificates and goodies from Bolt, Close Knit, Collage, Center Diamond, Pinball Publishing and Checker Distributor. Wow! Thank you for helping make 8 very happy drawing winners.

Saturday night brought another amazingly fun evening as we were lucky enough to host the Portland Modern Quilt Guild Sewing Night. We had almost every machine in the shop (that is more than 20!) happily quilting along. There were many people piecing, some quilting, others cutting, and a happy group of hand workers chatting over on the couches.




We hope that we get to host them at least once a month. They will be back on April 24th, and we can’t wait! It was really so much fun having our shop all full of people happily working and sewing together, that is the true vision of our space. I was totally impressed with the amount of focus the quilters showed. Everyone seemed to make it a productive Saturday and I saw some projects get finished right before my very eyes.


Look at those amazing hexagons. The very talented Amy from Bolt has a way with color, as did so many of the quilters in on Saturday night.

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  1. Rachel

    What a wonderful space! To be honest I was a bit hesitant about the idea of going somewhere to sew. .. It was wonderful! my machine worked great, the light was great, it was just a treat to hang out and sew. Thanks so much for hosting us and I am totally coming again next time.. it was awesome.

  2. Nancy Ricci

    Everything looks so beautiful and look at everybody sewing and making gorgeous stuff…
    Sigh…YAY for Modern Domestic!!!!

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  4. heidi massingill

    wow!! what a great place! Congrats on your grand opening and lots of luck to you all. Your place looks fabulous! I own Stitch Cleveland, with my daughter and we have been in business for 3 yrs now, we just moved into a new space where we can finally stretch our legs! We were previously renting a back room adjoining a knitting store, which worked out excellently to get started. We are planning our grand re-opening for June–bubbly and snacks are definitely in order!!
    Just wanted to say Hi and wish you luck–it’s so nice to see other like businesses popping up!! yay!

  5. lupine

    Thanks Heidi. And so great to hear from a store/studio like ours. Do you have pictures of your space, we would love to see them.

  6. Susan

    Not only did I love being at your Opening Celebration for the tasty and pretty food and drink, but the company was lively and fun, and seeing the brilliant arrangement for workspace and display was a real pleasure. Then to return for an open sew evening on Friday was a hands-on treat!
    I love my new face cradle covers I made that evening, and so do my massage clients.
    You have created such a fun, community-building business, with satisfaction built in~Congratulations!

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