A Kindred Spirit

I was browsing at Powell’s Home and Garden the other day (my favorite of the Powell’s for sewing and craft books) when I stumbled upon this little gem wedged in between larger books. Considering I was there 3 days prior and had missed it, I was glad I stayed a little longer this trip and really combed the selection. When I pulled it out and saw the title, I thought to myself, “Do they mean my BERNINA?”

Just Needling with BERNINA, self-published by Mary Lou Nall. How could I not totally and completely love someone that has so much passion about BERNINA sewing machines and their amazing functionality that she wrote her own book about it! And what other brand machine could inspire such devotion, I ask you. Best I can tell, she typed this out sometime in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s, photocopied samples, and cut and paste hand-drawn images. What determination to provide a resource for sewists.

How to make a Super Tuck!

When was the last time your conversation including a discussion on Entredeaux? It’s a french word meaning “between two” and joins lace to fabric or lace to lace. I had no idea you utilized your #31 foot and a wing needle. Thanks, Mary Lou!

I came home and immediately began an investigation. This is not her only book–she has others. About BERNINA feet, of which I am especially passionate about and have an obscene amount of. About Heirloom Sewing, employing the convenience of the sewing machine to mimic French hand sewing. I had a revelation–that I am one of many inspired by these machines. I am not alone, just one in a long legacy. I’m just the most recent generation. Look at this sweet woman who is still providing guidance and inspiration and education!

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  1. Roni

    Your Bernina foot fetish is contagious, dear Meridith! I have the bug. I found myself browsing through google images for pics of all Bernina feet in one pic. hhhmmm.

    See you soon, I’m sure. Maybe for the beginning machine embroidery class.

  2. lupine

    Anytime, Roni. Anytime!

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