5 Year Olds and Decorative Stitches

My biggest girl has loose teeth. Inspired by some tooth fairy pillows that we had in the shop last year by Kata Golda, Dot had plans for making her own. Kids are super specific, so I made her take a moment to draw a picture of the pillow she had in mind. After that, felt and applique was the perfect path, and surprisingly she wanted to make it on the machine (usually she opts for hand sewing).

We started by tracing the shapes onto paper backed fusible Trans Web. It was a great way to get the sizes for the shapes she had in mind, and allowed for some layout adjustments to fit her imagination. Trans web is a lightweight glue that is heat activated and after we pressed the little tooth and star wand in place, it was time to choose stitches. Dot sat with my stitch card and choose a curly spiral for the wand ribbons, and we tested out each stitch before we put them on the pillow to make sure they were what she had in mind.

When I sew, she sits by my side. She pulls pins, pushes the stitch selection buttons, and helps guide fabric through the machine. For a 5 1/2 year old, this is a great way to get familiar with the speed and action of the machine.

After adding the lettering, we stitched the pillow up with a hand look blanket stitch. She stuffed it and we closed the bottom edge. Now, we have a little waiting to do for the tooth fairy, but we will be ready when she comes. And by the way, what is the current teeth/$ exchange rate these days?

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  1. Jen S

    That turned out so well, Lupine! It’s nice to see the pic after hearing your description yesterday! At our house, the tooth fairy leaves a “gold” dollar for each tooth that pops out.

  2. Krystal

    $1.00. And thanks to an idea from a library book, we also started a tooth fairy “post.” I’m sure we’ll have fun looking at those first written notes when she’s older! For the first tooth my daughter also got a copy of Silverlicious, to remind her to never lose her sweetness. Actually, the wand on your cute little pillow reminds me of the one on the cover of that book! Happy wiggling! Hopefully it will get used soon.

  3. Ann

    Cute Pillow! As a kid, I got a quarter and a pack of gum. I continue that today with my children, cept it is a gold shiny dollar coin (if I can find them) or just a crisp dollar, and a pack of Trident gum. The Tooth Fairy also leaves silver glitter behind! It’s on the bed and carpet too! Mommy has to get the vaccum out, but it always gets a giggle. When my daughters leave notes I write back using my “opposite” hand and the smallest writing we can read, signed “Mary the Tooth Fairy”. LOL Enjoy while you can. My oldest (10) has recently figured all that out.

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