10 Years! A letter from Michelle Healy, Co-Owner of Modern Domestic

Modern Domestic family,

What a time we are all collectively living in. By now, we have all learned to expect the daily highs and lows, the random tears and laughter from ourselves and those within our tiny isolation groups. We have all had to alter our plans that we were looking forward to. Our big event that is supposed to be happening right now is that Modern Domestic turns ten this month! This has brought me to tears, not because I’m sad, but because I am so proud of all we have accomplished in the last ten years.

In 2010, we had a simple business plan: Open up a sewing studio and classroom space that served Portland by providing a welcoming and well-equipped space with quality sewing machines and the friendly support to use them. Even if you didn’t have a sewing space of your own, you had ours.

Our business evolved quickly over the last decade. We became a BERNINA dealer, started selling fabric, bought our own building, and opened a second location. However, the most important thing we did in the last ten years is help build the most incredible community of sewists of all ages and genders. Our staff members have all become my dearest of friends and our wonderful customers have all become part of our big MD family.

When Lupine and I were brainstorming names for our business, I knew I wanted the word “domestic” in the name. I wanted to honor the notion of being domestic – caring for our homes and surroundings, by being creative and taking the time to enjoy making things. When I reflect back to the very beginning of Modern Domestic, I’m struck by the time we are in right now and how we’ve come full circle back to what I wanted to convey in our name.

This new world we are now living in has become the Modern Domestic life. We see everyone in our virtual world posting about making bread for the first time, getting outside and planting a garden, sewing masks for loved ones and strangers, and just finding that peaceful space for making things. We are all becoming more creative as we spend time at our most important place – our homes.

So, in a weird way, this a gift, we are taking the time to do the things we claim we never have time to do.

Even though this is not the time to celebrate our 10th year, it is the time to acknowledge our accomplishments, and honor our new Modern Domestic lives. Happy 10th Birthday MD! You have brought so many wonderful people together. When the time is right, we will celebrate this landmark year.

For now, to all of our MD family, know we love you, we miss you, and we are here for you. We look forward to brighter days when we can all sew together, but for now try to enjoy the slowness and delight in the process, as this too shall pass.

– Michelle

6 Responses to “10 Years! A letter from Michelle Healy, Co-Owner of Modern Domestic”

  1. Sarah

    Wow, Michelle, you really captured this moment simply beautifully! Thank you (and Lupine) for building such a great business that serves so many, and congratulations on growing it for ten years and many more to come.

  2. rosemary hawk

    I absolutely love coming into the store. It’s the ultimate treat. I live in Olympia Washington and come to Oregon to visit family. I always plan my trips so that I can stop and shop. I love the solids and often leave with something else that gets me excited again. The staff is so patient and helpful. Thank you for your 10 years of serving the community and encouraging creativity.

  3. Rebecca Grandgeorge

    Congratulations! You have accomplished so much in ten years (and doesn’t time fly by quickly). Looking forward to coming back to the shop asap. Stay home, stay safe.

  4. Carmay Knowles

    Thank you, Michelle and Lupine, for your wonderful store and your friendly, helpful staff!
    We live on the Central Coast in California and discovered Modern Domestic in October 2012 while visiting our daughter in Portland. MD is the one place I always head to when we visit there. My last three Bernina’s have come from MD and you serviced my original 1969 Bernina Record so it would work for my daughter. Congratulations on 10 Years and Cheers to many more! Hope to see you all when we can travel to Portland again!

  5. Candice Overman

    I love your store! I only recently found you when I needed my old Berninia sewing machine serviced. I have been picking up fabrics from you lately to make face masks for as many people as I can and it has been rewarding to give back to our family, friends, and community. I have started to enjoy sewing again and will sign up for classes when the dust settles from the virus. Thank you for such a wonderful place to shop! Best to you all. Candice

  6. Karie Korporaal

    My heart is filled with joy and I’m virtually celebrating 10 years of Modern Domestic!

    I can clearly remember the day 10 years ago I wandered into your shop and fell in love with the 2 of you and your space. It’s been lovely to be a part of the sewing community you’ve created and I’m blown away that 10 years has past! Seems like just yesterday I was learning how to sew my own jeans!

    Much love to the Modern Domestic family. May you thrive for another 20 years!

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